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    Derivatives Solutions

    SBI-SG provides integrated derivatives clearing solution through its application - Dolphin, with the ability to clear stock and index futures and options, interest rate futures and currency derivative trades on NSE seamlessly. It has the ability to parameterize limits (position, margin) at client levels, to monitor trade execution and provide alerts to the client on reaching the set limits at various levels. Dolphin has a robust risk management system with a banking interface for posting of accounting entries relating to margins and MTM profit/loss.

    Our futures and options clearing proposition covers the following segments:

    Stock and Index Derivatives

    The NSE and BSE commenced trading in derivatives with the launch of index futures in mid-2000. Trading in Index Options was introduced in 2001. As of YTD 2014, NSE and BSE rank the 1st and 3rd respectively for being the most Liquid exchanges globally for Index Options. The futures contracts are based on the popular benchmarks S&P CNX Nifty Index and BSE Sensex. Futures & Options (F&O) segment of NSE provides trading in derivatives instruments like Index Futures, Index Options, Stock Options, Stock Futures.

    Currency Derivatives

    NSE was the first exchange to have received an in-principle approval from SEBI for setting up currency derivative segment and subsequently launched its currency futures trading platform in 2008. Currency options were introduced in 2010. Currency Derivatives segment of NSE provides trading in derivative instruments like Currency Futures on 4 currency pairs and Currency Options on US Dollars.

    Interest Rate Derivatives

    Interest rates are linked to a variety of economic conditions. In a market environment where long term debt issuance by the government is increasing and the demand for it is growing, there is a strong need for a cost efficient hedging instrument against interest rate risk.The introduction of interest rate futures is a great addition to the existing portfolio of financial products in the Indian Financial Markets. Currently, Interest Rate Futures segment of NSE offers two instruments i.e. Futures on 10-Year Government of India Security and 91-day Government of India Treasury Bill.

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    SBI-SG provides a robust clearing services for trades on the SLB segment, which is well integrated with the standard equity settlement cycle and timelines. The process is STP enabled, with automated generation of SWIFT messages and client reporting. The Securities Lending & Borrowing Scheme was launched by NSE in April, 2008. Lending & Borrowing is facilitated by NSE on an automated screen based platform where the order matching is on price time priority. The participant needs to quote the lending fee per share on the order matching platform.

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    For Banks, non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and Indian corporate houses, our domestic custody and depository services solutions provide cost effective, efficient and scalable solutions that aim to streamline your back and middle office functions. Additional facilities includes customised reporting, ability to support multiple listed and unlisted assets classes, tracking of corporate actions, market information support and multi-broker support.