• Fund Accounting ServicesOpen or Close

    Our fund accounting services aim to partner with Fund Managers and Asset management companies to offer cutting edge valuation and NAV computation services using our fully integrated and automated fund accounting software platform. We provide fund accounting services in a tightly controlled environment along with our ability to customize solutions to our client's complex needs.

    The entire NAV cycle is stress tested. Valuation - Accounting - Simulation - NAV Finalization of 250 funds(835 NAVs) can be executed in under 3 minutes.

  • Wide Spectrum Support Open or Close

    Our systems and set-up have the capability to support a whole host of business segments and asset classes, with an aim to be future-ready and capable to meet client and market needs.

    • Business segments supported include, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs), Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Offshore Funds and Bank Treasury Valuations.
    • Asset Classes supported include Shares, Rights and Warrants, Bonds, Short positions, Time and call deposits and loans, Forward FX / spot / swap contracts, Futures and Options, Equity swaps / asset swaps, Variable and floating rate notes, Structured papers, ABS/CDO/CDS/MBS, Collateralized Mortgage Obligation, Repos / Reversed repos and many more.

  • Application FeaturesOpen or Close

    • A benchmark software for fund accounting services worldwide, has been adopted by SBI-SG to cater to our clients' fund accounting and valuation needs. The system is scalable with multi-currency, multi-location and multi-lingual capabilities.
    • A middleware utility interfaces with external file formats via straight through processing with the ability to automatically pick up an input file from a pre-defined destination and upload / process on its own without any manual intervention.

  • ReportingOpen or Close

    • Business Intelligence Publisher - the Reporting tool allows end users to create and design comprehensive suite of reports as per client specifications.
    • Pre-designed reports can be auto scheduled at set frequencies, can be auto mailed and dispatched to FTP location.
    • Reporting can be customized and released in more than 10 languages in a variety of output formats and destinations as per the client requirement.

  • Value Added ServicesOpen or Close

    • Post Trade Limit monitoring of day-end positions vis--vis placement memorandum / offer document
    • YTM Analysis of Fixed Income securities and Tracking Error of Equity Funds with respect to underlying benchmark index
    • Expense projections based on previous year figures and current year's actual outflow.
    • Proof reading for Half Yearly and Annual Report
    • End to end expense administration with accounting and allocation of expenses, deduction and payment of statutory dues and maintenance of actual invoices.
    • Trade capturing and matching with Broker contract notes and providing confirmation to Custodian
    • Cash flow projection and multiple reporting throughout the day based on fund flow.

  • Risk Mitigation and Disaster RecoveryOpen or Close

    • Our premises are access controlled with strictest emphasis on information security with fire-proof vaults conforming regulatory specifications. Our fully operational back up operations site, located at a Tier IV data Centre 21 kms from main office in a restricted zone within the premises and is periodically tested.
    • Our Disaster Recovery servers located 700 kms away from primary data centre and TAT for switch to BCP systems is 1 hour. The servers are periodically tested.